Authentic images of Black lives

The Obsidian Collection preserves legacy photos from within our Black media community to celebrate our history and help support Black journalism.

The Obsidian Images increase access to Black history.

As beings evolved to communicate through language and storytelling, our human culture couldn’t exist without our capacity to share stories. Some would even say that our individual identity is nothing more than a story we tell ourselves about ourselves.

The Obsidian Collection is a user-friendly, virtual portal for Black culture providing access to material of historical, artistic and cultural significance gathered from around the country.

These collections are made available through license agreements which make available, in some cases for the first time, historically significant newspapers, research papers, and magazines. The Obsidian Collection cultivates exclusive relationships with member archives, and grants access to the digital collections of publications that have been in danger of being lost forever.

We are responding to the consistent demand of accurate Black history captured by our ancestors in the many Black newspaper archives around the country. We are preserving and making it possible to share this and other similar culturally important resources through the Obsidian Collection web portal.

The Team

Angela Ford

Founder and Executive Director

Adam Glover

Software Engineer & Developer

Lonyea Ellis

Sales Director

Anthony Kalume

International Image Curator